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Outsourcing can help streamline your business and drive growth during tough times. Our experts use cutting-edge tech and best practices to craft customized solutions for your unique needs. We provide outsourcing services for customer service and IT support to ensure business continuity and help you achieve your goals.





Temporary Staffing

Short-term or contract employees are often required in industries that have fluctuating demand or project-based work. These employees offer several advantages to businesses, including the ability to save on employee costs like benefits and payroll taxes. Additionally, administrative functions related to employee management are often handled by the staffing agency, freeing up the company to focus on core activities. At Sanfony Technologies, we understand the unique needs and demands of temporary staffing. Our hiring process is tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring we find the right person for the job. Despite being temporary, we offer the same quality of service and attention to detail as permanent staffing solutions. Let us help you navigate the challenges of temporary staffing by providing you with the right person for your needs when you need them.


At Sanfony Technologies, we don’t just rely on basic screening methods to find candidates for your company. Instead, we take it to the next level by employing an incredibly detailed and methodical process to weed out those who aren’t a good fit for your organization. Our thorough recruitment process ensures that our candidates have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and qualifications to perform their duties effectively. But we don’t stop there – we also consider a variety of other factors that determine whether a candidate will be a good addition to your team, such as cultural fit, work style, and attitude. This approach is what makes us stand out as an exceptional recruiter for both IT and non-IT industries. Rest assured that with our dedicated and experienced DCAM by your side, we’ll work tirelessly to understand your unique hiring needs and deliver only the most qualified candidates for you to choose from, whether you are seeking entry level, middle level, or even top level positions. Who better to trust with your recruitment needs than Sanfony Technologies? Let us help you find the perfect fit for your organization!

  • Dedicated Technical and Domains knowledge Recruiters work on account for sourcing
  • Strong Technical screeners for screening resume
  • Large In-house database search available for recruiters
  • Strong capability on headhunting and referral based sourcing
  • Strong candidate experience and management
  • Scale and Bandwidth to deploy 50-300 recruiters on one account
  • Scale and Bandwidth to onboard 300-500 in a month on one account
  • Specialized search and hunting on Niche and Super Nich skills
  • Specialized Team for sourcing on emerging technologies like Mobile, Digital and Social Media, Cloud, BIg Data and Analytics and Internet of things
  • Strong capabilities on sourcing SAP, JAVA, Microsoft, Business Intelligence, Middleware and enterprise architecture, Industry Applications, Hostcentric platform, Testing, Products, Infrastructure and Technical support skills
  • Strong capability on diversity hiring and enabling client to increase diversity mix on delivery
  • Company can work on turn key or contingency basis or specilised search basis retainership model
  • Faster Turn around, lower renege, better candidates experience and risk and reward model is success key factors at Sanfony Technologies


At Sanfony, our team recognizes the importance of identifying the perfect management executive for top-level positions within a business in order to achieve optimal success. We understand that such a process requires a keen eye for talent and an in-depth understanding of the complex dynamics of various industries. Therefore, our team specializes in honing our recruitment process to deliver the absolute best candidates while covering hiring for board, C-level, and other senior-level positions.

Our expert headhunters possess a plethora of experience and knowledge, which we leverage to ensure that we are able to work closely with you to identify transformational leaders for your business and fill positions that will guide your business to success. Our team is confident that we can deliver optimal results that exceed your expectations, so why not give us a try? Let Sanfony assist you in finding the perfect executive for your business today!

Our Process

   We have two stage processes. The first stage comprises of

  •    Collecting Requirements
  •    Analyzing Requirements
  •    Identifying Skills
  •    Discussing with Client
  •    Signing Agreement

Second stage of the process is

  •    Profiling
  •    Searching
  •    Identifying viable candidates
  •    Screening
  •    Lining up for interview
  •    Job offer letter
  •    Joining the company 
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