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In challenging times, see how our  outsourcing experts can create business continuity for better intelligent workflows to transform your organization.


Do you need experienced developers, system architects, analysts or requirement engineers in the short or medium term for pilot projects, subtasks or for scaling existing teams?
There are numerous reasons why you should rely on a partner like Sanfony Technologies for strategic IT sourcing. One of them is that as experts in SAP Commerce, efficient ERP processes and the development of complex applications in the B2B and B2C segment, we can make you an outstanding offer.
Use our resources to fill existing skill and knowledge gaps and expand your capacity with great flexibility.

Intelligent IT Support

Sanfony Technologies is a first-class IT Outsourcing Company in India, designed for customers who require rapid response, high availability and minimum disruption to their business.

The service is based upon the combination of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice and corporate quality standards to provide a rock-solid foundation for service management.

In order to maintain the highest levels of service and resolve issues quickly, customers receive direct access to a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced technical consultants who aim to fix the majority of issues on first call.

Round-the-clock support

Unlike in-house IT staff, Sanfony’s IT support is not constrained to business hours. Our round-the-clock IT support means we can also support satellite offices across the globe as well.


Our IT support comes with guaranteed response times and SLAs. No more waiting for your IT department to fulfil your tickets – you’re certain to get fast support from us.

Resource & Cost-efficiency

Outsourced IT support costs are up to 40% lower than that of in-house staff. And for less than the cost of hiring one member of staff, you get access to an entire team of IT experts.

Scalable solutions

With a large IT helpdesk, we’ll be able to support your organisation as it grows. And if you reduce in numbers, we can scale back as well.


Our IT consultants have 10 years of experience in managing IT setups of all sizes and for all industries.

Remote and in-person

Less than 1% of support requests require us to go to site, but our Bangalore office means an engineer can be there quickly if needed.


For organisations just looking to supplement their existing in-house IT staff, our team of more than 30 engineers and consultants also makes us the partner of choice for outsourced technical or third-line IT support.

More efficient and cost-effective  hiring a full-time person for a part-time job, our outsourced IT services include:

  • 24/7 remote IT support – Support for when in-house IT staff have gone home, or to support your global satellite offices.
  • Fully managed IT services – Complete management of your IT setup, hardware and services.
  • Onsite IT support – Additional engineers provided onsite in India for additional support or system checks, at a frequency set by you.
  • IT network support – Specialist expertise for the performance of your servers, infrastructure or cloud setup.
  • Third-line/technical IT support – Advanced system support when requirements exceed the capabilities of existing staff.
  • VoIP phone system setup & support – Setup and ongoing support of your VoIP phone setup.

Get in touch

To discuss your managed IT service requirements, please get in touch.


Sanfony Technologies transition process ensures that the switch to outsourced IT support is simple. We’ll dedicate time to assessing the current state of your setup and systems, and educate your staff on how to use Sanfony’s remote support IT helpdesk.

You’ll then have unlimited access to a team of IT experts who can mend your IT systems and PCs remotely. For the less than 1% of issues that can’t be fixed remotely, we can be onsite fast.

We’ll also assign you a dedicated Technical Account Manager. This senior IT engineer will meet with you regularly, report on your systems, and help you to plan for the future development of your IT setup in line with your business goals.

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