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Member Management

Our member enrollment services reduce the administrative burden and cost to support member enrollment processes. Our eligibility and benefits configuration, backed by our knowledge-based platform, addresses the recurring industry problems with inaccurate benefits configuration. Utilizing this leads to a reduction in improper claim payments and a decrease in appeals and grievances.

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1. Eligibility and Enrollment

Sanfony Technologies Private Limited manages the eligibility and enrollment process for our clients, including the verification and determination of each member’s coverage to help automate the process and free up necessary resources.

Sanfony Technologies Private Limited ‘ skilled team of subject matter experts manages the eligibility and enrollment process for our clients, including the verification and determination of each member’s coverage specificity. Delegating this task to Sanfony Technologies Private Limited allows your organization to free up resources and concentrate on core business functions that optimize internal operations.

Sanfony Technologies Private Limited ’ skilled SMEs identify the patient/member to determine:

Our eligibility and enrollment solutions handle

Sanfony Technologies Private Limited has multiple technology-enabled solutions to make ease of your enrollment process. The enrollment process is streamlined through web-enabled programs or through our own enrollment application. To address the changing needs of our clients, we have developed a mobile application that is completely customizable. This technology eases the entire process and reduces manual errors wit

Some of the key business areas Sanfony Technologies Private Limited handles in the enrollment are:

2. Premium Invoice Billing

Invoice billing is the process of generating invoices every month for premium collection. Sanfony Technologies Private Limited helps our clients generate monthly invoices to collect monthly premiums from each employer group. Our premium invoice billing solution streamlines invoice processing, allowing your organization to reduce costs, gain greater control over accounts payable, and save valuable time.

Our ground-breaking solutions include:

3. Member Mobile App

In today’s world of on-demand technology, it is imperative that third-party administrators (TPA) have a mobile app for its members.

Although several TPAs have a web portal for members, a mobile app is more user-friendly and convenient, as members can access all the information they need at their fingertips. Sanfony Technologies Private Limited has built and supports a number of member mobile apps for TPAs.

Our member mobile apps provide the following features:

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